Elsa & Jack — Power Couple

Last week (with a semi-surprise trailer) the Disney Corp announced it has made a second movie in the Frozen franchise.  Called Frozen Forever, it’s a short film that will be paired with Disney’s live-action Cinderella, set to premiere on March 13th.  Have the marketing geniuses at Disney struck again?  Sure, Frozen Forever will put tons of bums in the seats for Cinderella.  And it’s an incredible lead-in to Frozen II, probably secretly scheduled for Christmas 2016.  Plus, without even trying, “Let It Go” will continue to dominate middle school playgrounds around the globe.  But, damn it, Disney!  You screwed up — big time!  This is the movie everybody wants to see:


This would establish Elsa and Jack as Hollywood’s newest power couple and would kick Kim and Kanye into the ditch they so richly deserve.



And if Disney did it right, even the Brangelina brand would be watching its back!


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