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The Perils Of Christmas

The War on Christmas is over, and only nitwits and sophomores are still proclaiming that “Happy Holidays” is the one true path to enlightenment.  That’s the good news.  The bad … Continue reading

December 11, 2018 · 6 Comments

PETA vs Wool

If you haven’t noticed, our society is going nuts.  We seem to spend our days wandering around Wonderland, looking for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party — and last week we … Continue reading

November 27, 2018 · 6 Comments

Black Friday 2018

Unless you live on Jupiter, you know that today in America (and increasingly around the world) it’s Black Friday.  This is an annual orgasm of consumer culture that has psychologists, … Continue reading

November 23, 2018 · 2 Comments
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