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Wine on a Paris rooftop

Before WD called himself a writer, he worked at a number of different jobs — from stacking lumber to interior design.  Since those good-old-days, he’s written for radio, newspapers and magazines.  He has also published three books with Amazon: The Woman In The Window, Dogsh*t Without Tears, and Songs of Sylvia.  He has interviewed John Cleese, Peter Ustinov, Margaret Drabble, Kenneth Branagh and enough other famous people to make him a hopeless name dropper. His not-so-secret passions are history and trivia, and he has never lost a game of Trivial Pursuit — although he did come 4th one drunken Quiz Night at the Uxbridge in Notting Hill, London.  He lives on the Pacific Ocean — but not close enough to see the water.  So he spends his time working diligently at his craft.  It’s a wonderful life, and he has only one regret: he can’t type faster.


The chronicles of a society that’s on its way to either a cool new Renaissance, that will be way better than the last one, or another Dark Age, so desolate it’s gonna make Mordor look like recreational property.  (Me?  I’m cheering for the Renaissance — duh!)  But a writer writes, so there’s other stuff here, as well.  History, trivia, cool stuff you didn’t know, stuff you’ve forgotten, stuff you remember, stuff you wish you could forget — oh yeah — and fiction.


As our society races down history’s highway with no sign of slowing down for either potholes or pedestrians, somebody needs to apply the brakes every once in a while — if for no other reason than to take a deep breath and say WTF is going on here?  That would be me.  I believe many of the absurdities of contemporary life are so hilarious they need to be chronicled.  Honestly, future generations are never going to believe half this crap.  There needs to be a record.  And if I get to spread a few grins around on the way, so much the better.

Now the legal stuff

Everything I write here is mine.  It belongs to me.  You can use it if you:
a) give me full credit and don’t earn any money
b) give me full credit and get my written permission after we’ve agreed on a price.
If you think up a third option, check with me first before you start throwing my intellectual property around.  I created this stuff; I will protect it.

“I created this stuff.
I will protect it.”

No writer likes indifference.  I hope everybody has an opinion about what I write.  I encourage you to voice it.  However, if you’re going to comment, be polite.  Passion, superior knowledge or anything else (including just plain ignorance) are no excuse for bad manners.  To that end, I will delete comments I think inappropriate.  However, I am not responsible for any comments made here.  Opinions, questionable facts, ideas, spelling, grammar, off-the-wall points of view etc. all rest with the person making the comment — not with me.

Finally, if you want to reblog anything or link it (pingbacks are normally automatic) just ask.  I’ve never said no.