Florence … beyond!


We’re back — uh — home?  After 10 long Lufthansa hours — that turned night into day and before that 90 Dolomiti minutes that turned our luggage into a curious rumour (they didn’t lose it – they know exactly where it isn’t!) we’re here.  Oddly, our house is huge and needs a Canadian autumn furnace not Italian air conditioning.  The streets are enormous.  The buildings are tall — and skinny.  The Internet is down (out?) (over?) with no hope of redemption!
“It could be the modem, sir?  Or the routor (rotor?)”  We know it’s not the server.”
I’ll deal with it domani.  Doesn’t anybody speak Ital-lish in this country?

We decide to have chocolate for dinner — and wine — and try to remember what was in the suitcases.  Nothing we need.  So why did we take them across the Atlantic in the first place?

Anyway, so far: so good and sometime in the near future we’ll get back to normal.  Whatever that is!

Hey, is it still Monday?  Maybe?  There’s nine hours difference and … we got on the plane at 6 in the morning so … screw it … too much math!

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