Time Flies September 17


1900 – John Willard Marriott, the guy who turned a single root beer stand into the international Marriott Hotel and Restaurant chain.  He also had the good sense not to have any idiot great grandchildren unlike his friend and fellow hotelier, Conrad Hilton.

1931 – Anne Bancroft, a very talented actress who will be forever known for one of the most famous legs in Hollywood and for the lines, spoken by Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me.” (pause) “Aren’t you?”

 1908 – During an aerial demonstration for the military near Fort Myers, Virginia, Orville Wright’s airplane, the Wright Flyer, crashed.   The pilot, Orville Wright was badly hurt but his passenger, Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge, died from his injuries and thus became the first airplane fatality in history.

1776 – The Presidio of San Francisco opened in the California area of New Spain.  It took several months to build the fortifications which guarded the bay, and September 17th was the first day it was operational.


1996 – Spiro Agnew, vice president during most of Richard Nixon’s disastrous presidency.  He is the only Vice President (so far) to resign because of criminal charges and will always be remembered for calling members of the media “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

1899 – Charles Pillsbury, the founder of the original Pillsbury flour company and could probably be called the great great grandfather of The Pillsbury Doughboy.