We’re Going To Florence


We’re going to Florence!  No, not the state prison in Florence, Arizona – the real one – Firenze, Italy.  We were there a couple of years ago, but I had tendonitis so bad I could taste it, so I didn’t do a lot of walking – and Florence is a walking town.  It was built on the medieval model, narrow twisty streets, fountains and churches – great for 21st century tourists.  But Florence has one big advantage over the rest of Europe.  Back in the day, say, 500 years ago, there was a perfect storm.  A bunch of rich and ruthless capitalists wanted to demonstrate their power and a bunch of talented young artists wanted to showcase their exciting new ideas.  When they met, and discussed the possibilities, Florence became the maternity ward of the Renaissance.  And I’ve got a month to see it, up close and personal.  (Honestly, I’m not sure whose ghost I want to find first — Cosimo de’ Medici’s or Michelangelo’s)

Anyway, aside from putting on the brag, I said all this to say this blog is going to suffer – badly.  First of all, I’m going to be busy.  (There’s a bunch of wine and bruschetta with my name on it, waiting for me.)  Second, I’m not a travel writer.  (Believe me! I’ve tried.)  And thirdly, WiFi in Europe is hit-and-miss (Europeans love their phones.)  I’m going to keep things rolling but ….  So, gentle reader, if there are a few hiccups here and there please be patient, I’d appreciate it.  And, BTW, if anybody’s in the neighbourhood, the first glass is on me.