Shameless Self Promotion

Cover final.jpgThe Woman In The Window is not about relationships.  It’s about the delicious ache in the bottom of your belly — that sweet primeval that won’t go away; the wolf of our emotions, hungry and hunting.  These eight tales are about people who have been living their lives cocooned in their accumulated habits, but suddenly, by chance or by choice, they travel beyond the reach of their familiar world.  Without the thin cloak of everyday life around them, they find themselves alone in the wilderness, trying to understand whether they are prey or predator.

In “The Last Romance Of Jasper Conrad,” Frances says to Jasper, “Just – just because I’m ordinary doesn’t mean I can’t have something more.  I look around and I see my life and …”  But Frances isn’t ordinary, and Jasper knows that.

In “The Dying of Daniel,” when Susan asks “… God, are we ever going to be normal?” Peter replies, “Normal?  Normal just happens…. There’s nothing you can do about it.”  But for Susan there is no normal, and there never has been.

“Ordinary,” “normal,” “average:” these are words we use to protect ourselves.  They keep our emotions, our imagination and our sensuality at bay.  However, as the characters in The Woman In The Window discover, in the sleepless soul of 4 o’clock in the morning, these words are meaningless.  The truth is, we are all only as ordinary as we require ourselves to be.

It case you haven’t already guessed, yes! I have finally published The Woman In The Window.  It’s now available at Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle eBook.

You can preview three of the stories here and see if the writing is to your taste.

And you can buy the book here

Or, if you prefer the Kindle version, you can get it here

(BTW, you don’t need a Kindle to read the digital version — just download the App.)

Anyway, I hope The Woman In The Window leaves you with something more than you had yesterday.

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