Happy Valentine’s Day

One Ordinary Morning


In those length shadows of a season morning
Where someone has traced a frothy window
With bold word letters that seem to drip
And new steam coffee hangs in the air

There I will find you sleepy eyed and bitchy
With your face straight close to the pillow
The blankets pulled up round your hair
And several pouts clinging to your cheeks
There where the air is colder
You will squirm down into the warmth
And in a pillow muffled voice
Grumble in some mild way against the day
I could watch you sleepy and sexy
And let the warmth be temptation enough
But the mischief bubbles and the day is new
And the tease muse needs some teasing too

So place down the coffee at the side of the bed
Reach back the blankets from the sleepiest head
Tug at your hair with a pout just like you
Wake up lady we’ve got wonders to do
Move over woman it’s cold here outside
Come take a shower leave this sleepy behind
Get with it girl there’s a dance to be done
Sleeping’s for criminals songs are for fun

And you move moments by slowly
Turn deeper into the warmth and growl
Like She-bear Sheba with a menace edge
And a faint curl obscenity on your teeth
One eye open and some stalking glaze
Teaches me the better part of valor done
One should refrain and so in pure Christian charity
I offer you nearly half my cup of coffee

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. A newly found talent, WD?
    Or as Dylan said: I’m a poet and I know it, hope I don’t blow it.
    It’s not in my native-tongue but it sounds good and Valentine-worthy to my ears

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