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Fiction — Valentine’s Day

Sylvia looked at the moon, a smudged coin disappearing in a cloudy sky.  It would rain soon, probably before morning.  That didn’t matter: she planned to be safe in bed … Continue reading

February 14, 2020 · 4 Comments

Under Hate/Over Love!

According to psychologists, psychiatrists and the Internet, the thing most people fear is – wait for it! – speaking in front of a group.  Yep, public speaking!  That terrible moment … Continue reading

September 17, 2019 · 3 Comments

Valentine’s Day — Fiction

On the first night, they blew out the candles and whispered in the suspicious darkness like spies unravelling their secrets.  The tip-wary waiters kept their distance.  And only a lipstick … Continue reading

February 12, 2019 · 7 Comments
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