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Paris 2019


We’re in Paris.  The clouds threaten rain and the unions a General Strike: c’est le vie!  I love Paris.  It sings.  It dances.  It laughs.  And it has an unconscious cool that I always hope is contagious.  Plus, it’s Fashion Week – the World Cup of Who’s Wearing What.  No, we’re not going to be sitting in the cheap seats, looking for celebs; we have other things to do.  Things like the cemetery at Montparnasse to lay a pen on Baudelaire’s grave (we promised) the Luxemburg Gardens for the puppet show, and a glass of wine and a few tears across the river from Notre Dame.  But mostly, we’re just going to hang out – try and catch the rhythm of a Parisian lunch, stroll the boulevards and maybe have one too many glasses of wine in some café somewhere.

But I said all this to say this space may suffer.  Between the time change, the Wi-Fi, the food, the wine and the unavoidable fact that I’m no travel writer, the next few weeks at WDFYFE.NET are going to be hit-and- miss, so please have patience.  Anyway, I’ll try my best to … Just a sec! … “Bonjour, deux verres de vin rouge, s’il vous plait.” … See what I mean?  In Paris, life intervenes.  C’est le vie!

4 comments on “Paris 2019

  1. Darling Doormat
    September 25, 2019

    Ah Paris, la ville où il se passe toujours quelque chose … enjoy and do not blow your bank account 😀

  2. Christi
    September 26, 2019

    If I ever visit Paris, my plan has always been to do just what you’re doing: hanging out and soaking it in.
    I looked up Baudelaire – he looks like a gloomy guy. Hope he enjoys the pen.

  3. Claudette
    September 27, 2019


  4. Joe
    October 1, 2019

    As we used to say down in southwest Louisiana, “Laissez les bons temps rouler”

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