Dogsh*t Without Tears


Finally available in paperback (or ebook) Dogsh*t Without Tears

You can order it from Amazon HERE

Weird title, huh?  Not really.  Dogsh*t Without Tears is the signature blog of this collection– a roll-your-eyes look at just how emotionally fragile we are in the 21st century and how our coping skills have gone to hell.  Plus, it’s one of the four most popular blogs I’ve ever written – go figure!  From there, it’s W.D. Fyfe — selected, collected and bound in a wander of words that the French would call flânerie: a stroll that doesn’t have an identifiable destination, but still has a vague purpose.  In this case, a loose chronicle of the teenage years of the 21st century — with all the drama and confusion that entails.

Dogsh*t Without Tears is a witty, irreverent and often ridiculously funny collection of blogs from the mind of W.D. Fyfe.  Nothing is sacred.  I have an opinion on everything from Time Travel and Trigger Warnings to Why I Hate Summer.  Enjoy such titles as Yes, We Have No Vaginas and The Power of “But.”  Find out why there is a War on Plaid and the historical significance of The Girl with the Anal Tattoo.  These byte-sized insights chronicle the teenage years of the 21st century from 2011 to 2019 with a bit of nostalgia thrown in — just because.  If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, who are the 5 People [I’ll] Meet in Hell this collection is for you.  If you’ve never asked yourself that question, Dogsh*t Without Tears is still an excellent Christmas, birthday, wedding, divorce or graduation gift.  Think about it!

Anyway, if you enjoy reading Dogsh*t Without Tears as much as I enjoyed writing it, we will become simpatico souls — and that’s a very rare commodity in the 21st century.

And please! PLEASE! PLEEEASE! leave a review.

3 thoughts on “Dogsh*t Without Tears

  1. Hey, well done with the promo! I just now placed my order, It’s supposed to arrive next week and I’ll probably be done with my current book by then, so yay! Perfect timing. 🙂

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