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Stan Vandale And Me

This is a tale of simultaneous stories.  It’s a tale of a single night, isolated in time and space, that’s merely one fold in an unfolded old map – weathered, … Continue reading

July 20, 2018 · 5 Comments

Ken Watt 1943 – 2018

When I was a kid, all the best stories started with “Once upon a time” and ended with “happily ever after.”  Most people call such stories fairy tales and say … Continue reading

January 9, 2018 · 4 Comments

Bonnie Vandale 1946 – 2017

When I was a kid, my sister taught me how to play baseball.  She loved the game.  Then, when I got older, I got to play.  I wasn’t very good … Continue reading

March 7, 2017 · 4 Comments
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