Another Puzzle!

Remember back in high school when you spent two semesters in algebra hunting for X as if he stole something?  Remember how everybody thought it was so-o-o important – but you?   Remember how you don’t remember any of it ‘cause you’ve never found a practical use for (X2 + 3 = 12.)?  This is a puzzle that looks an awful lot like algebra but isn’t.  Every letter represents a value that has direct relationship to the other letter (or letters) in each example.  Although they are all connected, they must be solved separately.  The groupings are random, and you can start anywhere.  Your first correct answer will lead you to every other solution.  Here’s a hint.  The key is finding the connection which gives you your first solution.  From there, it’s only a matter of deductive reasoning.  Good luck!

24 H in a D

90 D in a R A

Zero A in a F H
There are 2 S to every A
6 S. on a S.S.

3 S and you’re O

There are 8 N in an O


8 P in the S.S. plus P

1 P is worth 1,000 W
7 W of the A W

1 W on a U


64 S on a C B

20,000 L under the S

G and the 3 B


1 is the L N

12 L of H

28 D in F except in a L Y


Every C has 9 L

12 D of C

4 S in a S D of C

2 is C; 3 is a C


76 T led the B P

12 M in a Y

K 2 B with 1 S


13 in a B D

3 B M


1001 A N

4 H of the A

3 P in a H G

40 D of R in the G F

4 Q in a D


6 P on a S F

12 S of the Z

S W and the 7 D

Last Week’s Solution

Since we think spatially, the best method of solving last week’s quiz is to draw five boxes on a sheet of paper.  Then, write each variable on something like a Post-it note so you can move it around.  Begin by joining the values that go together.  For example, we know the Spaniard owns a dog, so those two would be connected.  Next, position the values we know to be true.  Again, we know the Norwegian lives in the first house, so place him there, etc.  Then use the connected clues to eliminate impossibilities.  From Clue 4 we have the Green House connected to Coffee and from Clue 6 we know that it’s to the right of the Ivory House.  Therefore, since we know the second house is blue and milk is drunk in the middle house, we can conclude the 4th house is Ivory and the 5th house is green.  We now know the Englishman lives in the middle house.  Then it’s only a matter of following the clues to discover the Norwegian drinks water and the Japanese guy has a zebra.


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