If you want to go to Cuba, you better go very soon.  One of these days the United States will lift the embargo and the last fifty years of Cuban history will vanish.  Jay Leno and ten thousand other guys just like him will swoop down on that little island like the Assyrians of old.  They’ll be hauling bushel baskets of Benjamin Franklins with them and offering them up for everything from cars to baseball cards.  Fidel’s Revolution simply won’t be able to survive the tsunami of cash.  This is no sin by the way, it’s just a fact.  History has a way of changing its attire to suit the occasion.  Castro and his crew knew this as far back as 1959 and sloganed it appropriately with Hasta Siempre.
All photographs by Carolyn Bourcier.

2 thoughts on “Cuba

  1. It won’t be long as you said before the unique history will go the way of high rise hotels and luxury resorts. We also need to think of the plight of the citizens and not just a retro place we want to go take photos of old US cars.

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