I’m On Vacation

cinemaI just took a look at Mission Impossible 5.  What a joke!  It’s exactly the same as Mission Impossible 1,2,3 and 4.  I’m not going to even bother with a Spoiler Alert — you already know this crap.  Tom Cruise is a good guy that everybody thinks is a bad guy.  He chases somebody.  Somebody chases him.  There’s general destruction, mayhem; things explode and Tom Cruise does some WTF impossible stuff.  Roll credits.  I must be getting old.   I remember a time when Hollywood at least pretended they were selling you a different movie.  Check it out.  These came out in the same year and they’re exactly the same movie!

Turner & Hooch and K-9 – 1989
Antz and A Bug’s Life – 1998
Armageddon and Deep Impact – 1998
The Truman Show and EDtv – 1998/1999
Red Planet and Mission to Mars – 2000
Chasing Liberty and First Daughter – 2004
Capote and Infamous – 2006
The Prestige and The Illusionist – 2006
Happy Feet and Surf’s Up – 2006/2007
Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached – 2011
Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down – 2013

Then there are The Hunger Games and Divergent, the franchises that dreams are made of

And the granddaddy of them all



Writers never go on vacation.  They just turn off their computers and hide for a while.  That’s exactly what I’m doing for the next couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

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