Germaine Greer vs Caitlyn Jenner

female eunuchPaleo-feminist Germaine Greer certainly has a lot to say these days, including, “Just because you lop off your dick and then wear a dress, doesn’t make you a fucking woman.”  Nice try. Ms. Greer!  You are clearly disagreeing with the transgender community — that’s called transphobia.  Have you ever had your dick lopped off?  I think not.

It’s pretty safe to say that Germaine Greer doesn’t have a clue what contemporary feminism is all about.  Her book The Female Eunuch was written 45 years ago, and here — in the 21st century — feminist priorities are different.  For example, when asked what the hardest thing about being a woman in 2015 was, Caitlyn Jenner, Glamour Magazine‘s Woman of the Year replied, “Figuring out what to wear.”  It’s obvious that the world has moved on since the days when economic and political inequality dominated the feminist narrative.  Shaved legs and push-up bras are back in style, Ms. Greer.  Have you ever been named Glamour Magazine‘s Woman of the Year?  I think not.

The Female Eunuch may have been a manifesto of gender equality back in the day, but most contemporary feminists have probably never read it.  Today’s feminism is more about inclusion that strives to shape all women (including transgender women) into one single, unified voice.  That’s why more than 3,000 people at Cardiff University signed a petition which demanded Ms. Greer not be allowed to speak at that institute of higher learning.  Sadly, Greer refused to bend under the pressure and spoke anyway.  But what do you expect from a woman who once willingly battled arch-conservative William F. Buckley in a debate at Oxford University, when clearly, contemporary feminists would never have allowed Buckley and his knuckle-dragging views on campus in the first place?  Today, many feminists stand together to silence unacceptable views and opinions, Ms Greer.  Do you support these women?  I think not.

This is 2015.  Germaine Greer is a 76-year-old privileged white academic.  Throughout history, the opinions of old ladies have usually been overlooked or ignored.  On the other hand, Caitlyn Jenner is, by definition, a female eunuch.  And it seems, for the foreseeable future anyway, the Kardashian women will be setting the feminist agenda.  Oh, God!  I hope not!

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