10 Things You Need To Have A Good Life — Plus 1



Forget all the How-to books.  Forget the Websites that promise everlasting bliss.  Forget the TV lifestyle evangelists who market happiness as if it were Cheerios™.  And forget the sage advice of old people who quite likely screwed it up when they were young.  There are only 10 things (plus one) you actually need to have a good life.  So, put on your metaphorical thinking caps and read on.

Warm socks on a cold night.

A little bit of hungry.  People who think they have everything … usually don’t.

Time to enjoy the beverage of your choice at the end of the day.

Rain after long silence.  Mist, showers, downpour, storm — nothing quenches the soul like rain.

Someone who looks at you as if you’re the only zebra at the lioness convention.

Tired, the last option of accomplishment.

Pee-your-pants funny.

The reassuring comfort of old-friend underwear.

A howl and a dance.

Never finding out the lover’s lie.

And most importantly:

Someone who actually listens to your plots, plans, ideas and complaints.  Even if it’s only the dog.

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