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Facebook Sucks … Kinda/Maybe

OMG, the sky is falling!  Citizens, run for your lives!  SAVE YOURSELVES! This moment of panic was brought to you by Mark Zuckerberg and the good folks down at Facebook.  … Continue reading

March 23, 2018 · 5 Comments

What You Miss When You’re Cyber-blind

I have a friend who is cyber-blind.  He doesn’t have a computer; he doesn’t have a tablet; he doesn’t have a cell phone.  In fact, he barely has cable TV … Continue reading

February 27, 2018 · 15 Comments

Casualties Of The Internet (Part Two)

I love the Internet, but here are a few casualties of our increasing dependence on technology — Part Two. Memory — Remember Algebra?  Neither do I.  It’s not important to … Continue reading

June 30, 2017 · 4 Comments
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